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Organizational development
in the 21st Century doesn't
just feel different ... 

It is different.

Systemic. Paradigm.
                     Indigenous. Wisdom.

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Who We Are

At the heart of Co3 Consulting is a passionate team of experienced consultants dedicated to guiding transformative organizational change.


Our interdisciplinary expertise seamlessly blends Indigenous wisdom, Whole Systems Paradigms, and innovative methodologies to empower organizations in cultivating cohesive communities, resilient leadership, and sustainable growth strategies.

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Unlock Your Organization's Evolutionary Potential


Co3 partners with profit and non-profit boards to elevate governance effectiveness through strategic consultation and skills development.

HR & Enterprise Talent Leaders

Enhance your HR capabilities with Co3's professional development programs - from SHRM recertification to leadership/team training and equity/inclusion initiatives.

Who We Serve

Co3 Consulting partners with a diverse range of organizations, from corporate boards and educational institutions to enterprise leaders and HR professionals. Our comprehensive solutions are tailored to empower each client in developing resilient leadership, fostering cohesive teams, cultivating an inclusive culture, and achieving sustainable growth in today's rapidly evolving business landscape.


Empower educational institutions with Co3's tailored solutions for leadership growth, cohesive teams, and fostering an inclusive culture. Serving higher education, private, and Catholic schools.

Organizational Leaders

Adapt to the 21st century business landscape with Co3's guidance. Our systemic approach equips enterprise and community leaders to drive transformative organizational change.

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