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What We Do

What We Do

Leadership & Team Development

• Cultivate resilient, adaptable leaders who navigate uncertainty with collective wisdom and intuition.

• Develop critical skills in fostering team member resilience to cultivate coherent teams.

• Design personalized leadership journeys that inspire systemic thinking, drive innovation, and build thriving organizations.

Organizational Systems Consultation

• Diagnose organizational barriers that form through an over-emphasis on hierarchal resilience and adherence to linear thinking.

• Cultivate a Whole Systems paradigm that allows an organization to operate with agility, empathy, team alignment, and successful implementation.

• Craft systemic strategies that promote inquiry, collaboration, and high performance by learning to read feedback loops, holding emergent space, and shrinking unnecessary hierarchal structures.

Board Consultation & Development

• Elevate board effectiveness by fostering diversity of thought, strategic foresight, and inclusive decision-making.

• Equip board members with the skills and knowledge to navigate complex challenges and guide the organization's journey.

• Strengthen governance practices to ensure ethical leadership and sustainable success.

Equity Is Leadership

 Equity is about the opportunity, not the outcome.


Ensuring that current and future team members are not hindered, ostracized, or limited within your organization starts by cultivating an organization that can develop a culture of inclusion.


Building feedback loops that recognize and remove hidden barriers and unseen biases is a 21st-century leadership trait.


Only once an organization can cultivate an inclusive culture with embedded feedback loops should it consider pursuing diverse hiring initiatives. 

The Evolution of AloHā: Becoming Resilient People and Coherent Teams

Master effective communication for resilient individuals and coherent teams.

The Power of HĀ: Engaging the Breath of Life

Unlock peak performance through breathwork and heart-focused practices.

Wayfinding Leadership: Building a Systems-Oriented Organization

Cultivate stewardship mindsets to navigate change and ambiguity.

Healing the Colonized Mind: The Path of Personal Decolonization

Dismantle racial biases and foster inclusive dialogues.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgment

Honor traditional land stewards through decolonization principles.

A man standing and smiling in front of the meeting room

Ethical management starts with a well-rounded, sensitive, and informed perspective. Our specialist courses are designed to strengthen the foundation of your business, helping you grow organically, reshape fragmented systems, and perceive the bigger picture.

Vital to this process, we work together to explore new possibilities and ways of thinking, all with the focus on building healthy structures that benefit everyone.

Co3 Workshops

Immerse yourself in Co3 Consulting's transformative professional development workshops.


Grounded in indigenous philosophies like AloHā and cutting-edge methodologies, our experiential programs equip individuals and teams with powerful tools for self-regulation, effective communication, and cultivating organizational coherence.


Whether focusing on breathwork, decolonization, wayfinding leadership, or land acknowledgment, Co3's workshops provide a profound journey of growth and lasting positive change.

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