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The Power of HĀ: Engaging the Breath of Life

Resilient individuals make coherent teams. Coherent teams construct favorable systems. Favorable systems create thriving organizations. Research demonstrates that an organization that cultivates heart-focused and mindful team members builds a powerhouse of high-retention and low-stress agents working towards shared goals. 


Believing that all cognitive functions reside in the brain has severely limited our understanding of the human mind in the past. Research over the past decades has revealed that our heart, gut, brain, and entire autonomic nervous system play a vital role in how we process incoming and outgoing information. 


Modern neuroscience reveals that our cognitive function isn't just in our heads but throughout our entire body and can activate with positive, long-term results through our intentional work with the breath. By uniting this knowledge with conscious breathing practices, we unlock tremendous potential for improved cognitive performance and well-being, especially when experiencing disruptive emotions such as fear, anxiety, stress, or depression. Breathwork and heart-focused attention can create a flow state that cultivates better decision-making, ongoing internalized resiliency, and higher levels of performance.

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