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Dr. Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell
Principal Consultant/President

Dr. Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell is the Founder, Principal Consultant, and President of Co3 Consulting: Co-Creating Cohesive Communities.

Dr. G earned a doctorate from the Department of Transformative Studies and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies.

She received her Master’s degree from Antioch University, Seattle, in Whole Systems Design and a Social Science major with an emphasis in Psychology and Anthropology from Washington State University.


Dr. G identifies as a Pacific indigenous scholar, a transformative leader, and a designer of change. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, now residing in Bothell, WA, she has learned how to walk in the two worlds of Indigenous being and Westernized thought with grace and Aloha.


A certified trainer of the Institute of HeartMath Resilience Advantage Program, Gerry teaches the power of resilience alongside co-creating change. Dr. G leans into the direct impact through learning and growing together.

She is the host of the Evolution of AloHā Podcast, gathering a mix of stories of social change from women around the world.  Storytelling serves as a tool for making sense of sophisticated situations and exploring better ways to connect. Gerry's writings can be found at

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Jeremy Tunnell, MA
Lead Consultant/Vice President

Jeremy is a lead consultant and facilitator with Co3 Consulting. He specializes in facilitating groups in identifying and dismantling whiteness, resilience conditioning, and guided worldview evolution. Jeremy graduated from Western Washington University with a bachelors in Creating Writing and  Antioch University - Seattle in the Whole Systems Design program. The Whole Systems Design program provides a perspective into organizational and social structures through a lens of interconnectedness. With this perspective, Jeremy works with groups, organizations and individuals to find the harmful feedback loops and that can prevent meaningful success towards positive change. 


He is the co-host of the Plowline Podcast, where he works to engage interesting guests on relevant subjects such as Diversity + Equity + Inclusion & Belonging, Newtonian & Quantum Intuition, Unified Field Physics and human consciousness to name a few. Jeremy’s writing can be found at and and 

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