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Ethical management starts with a well-rounded, sensitive, and informed perspective. Our specialist courses are designed to strengthen the foundation of your business, helping you grow organically, reshape fragmented systems, and perceive the bigger picture. Vital to this process, we work together to explore new possibilities and ways of thinking, all with the focus on building healthy structures that benefit everyone.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgment.png

Many businesses across the U.S. ask how to honor Indigenous peoples. Curious leaders seek to understand their responsibility to the land and respect the Native American traditional practices. Simultaneously, organizations need tools to address the impact of colonization and find sustainable solutions in workplaces.

Evolution of AloHa.png

Based on the Evolution of ALOHĀ, Co3 Consulting focuses on the impact of colonization and guides organizational teams through a decolonial and healing process using a unique blend of Indigenous philosophies and Western methodologies.

Healing the Colonized Mind.png

Mandating diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism training within our institutions is often believed to eliminate our country's racial and social divisions. The reality is that mandates cause further division. We cannot force agendas or perspectives on others.

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In a polarized world facing compounding societal and environmental crises, we need new paradigms and innovative skillsets for navigating the future.

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