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Conflict changes the way we see each other, how we communicate with each other, and how we organize. It can be a powerful rallying point for transformation or a place of relational stagnation.

Join our hosts, Jeremy and Gerry, Whole-System Designers and Transformation Catalysts, as they dialogue with their guests about facing and addressing social issues that divide us. The purpose of this podcast is not to resolve conflict but to work with others to transform conflict into tools for changing our relationships, perspectives, and sociopolitical structures.


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Podcast Guests


Episode 33:

How Privilege Actually Works - Seattlenaut Vol. V

In this episode of Seattlenaut, Jeremy explores the idea of privilege and why it can be so difficult for us to see our own. He examines the systemic dynamics of personal perspective and paradigm that can create personal bias, prejudice and an inability to see our own privilege in the world.


Episode 32:

System Values - ft. Fieta Robinson - Plowline Podcast

Dr. G & Jeremy sit down with their friend and colleague Fieta Robinson for a conversation about values within systems and how they express themselves in feedback loops, intended and unintended consequences. Fieta is the Director of Administrative Operations & Culture at KUOW - our local NPR affiliate station at the University of Washington. She is responsible for the initiatives of professional and ongoing development for the KUOW team.


Episode 31:

Marshall Lefferts - Plowline Podcast 050922

Marshall Lefferts is the Founder and Director of the Comometry Project and author of the book, Cosmometry: Exploring the HoloFractal Nature of the Cosmos, which is an incredible journey into understanding the nature of reality and the interconnectedness of all things. More information can be found at

He is also a Board Member of the Resonance Science Foundation, serving as board from 2006-2019, and is a faculty member of the Resonance Science Foundation’s Resonance Academy. Marshall was an associate producer of Thrive - What on Earth Will It Take? And the Visual Effects Co-Director of the follow up film, Thrive II. If you have not seen either of those films, head over to and check them out.

Marshall is a former co-director of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution (1999-2004), and is a lifetime member of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. It should also be noted that Marshall is an accomplished musician and music theorist, with an album available through spotify, apple music and other platforms called Mystery of Souls.


Episode 30:

Ancestral Healing - Plowline Podcast 122221

Jeremy & Gerry sit down with Kara Wood and Erin Sweeney for a deep and profound conversation about returning to our indigenous roots and healing our generational traumas.


Kara Wood (she/they) was made in Mexico, born in New Mexico, and raised in California by a first-generation Southern Italian American single mother who instilled in her early on: Music and books are important, and we are abolitionists. She currently lives in Oakland, California. She is an animist folk herbalist who helps folks deepen and activate the ancestral connections inside their bodies. She believes it

all comes down to energy exchange. This guides her as she walks through the world. Epigenetics, Mythology, and Living Folk culture direct and inform her work. You can learn more about Kara and her work at Instagram @cimarutaremedies


Erin Caitlin Sweeney (she/they) is a politicized healer, educator & group facilitator. They recently returned to her ancestral homeland in Lancaster, PA. Erin offers 1:1 ancestral healing & remembrance work for folks of European descent, aka white folks, with an antiracist and decolonial lens as well as workshops and classes. Erin loves to dance, tend to her plants, and tell stories. They’re passionate about the intersection of healing and social justice. They believe that when we look inward with accountability, honesty, and compassion, we can bring healing to ourselves, and our ancestors and show up rooted for collective liberation. You can learn more about Erin and her work at her website or Instagram @erincaitlinsweeney .


Episode 29:

Whole Systems Design - Seattlenaut Vol. IV - Plowline Podcast

Jeremy tells the story of how Dr. Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell & himself acquired their training and Master's degree in Whole Systems design. He details what systems theory is and how it is relevant and related to the Algorithms associated with social media platforms, data collection, and search engine optimization.


Episode 28:

Gardens Abound - Zsofia Pasztor - Plowline Podcast

Jeremy & Gerry sit down with Zsofia Pasztor, Executive Co-Director and Founder of Farmer Frog. Zsofia believes that farming enables people to grow themselves through growing things. She thinks of it as a sacred act of caring for ourselves, our fellow humans, and the planet where we live so that we can all be healthy and experience abundance. Zsofia enjoys working with the many children who visit the farm and teach her the most amusing lessons and facts about plants and animals. She is inspired by the potential for the farm to share wisdom and knowledge in ways that stay with people because they are memorable and unique. Zsofia spends time relaxing and watching movies with her family outside of work.


Episode 27:

Chris Hudyma - Dismantling Whiteness - Plowline Podcast

Gerry and Jeremy sit down with their colleague and friend Chris Hudyma for a conversation about personal decolonization and dismantling whiteness. Gerry inquires with the two of them about how white people come to the table of anti-racism work. It's an insightful and heartfelt conversation that explores having everyone participate in the conversations towards change.


Episode 26:

The Dharma Road Trip - Seattlenaut Vol III - Plowline Podcast

In early 2009, Gerry and I embarked on a road trip to outlast the coming Great Recession. We had closed our businesses, paid off our debt, auctioned off most of our material goods, and set out on the road. The journey was an incredible opportunity and full of difficult lessons. Step Outside Yourself and join us on this journey.


Episode 25:

My Favorite Nephew - Plowline Podcast

Jeremy sat down with his favorite nephew (his only nephew), Hunter, to talk about Adulting and the struggle of following your dream and meet obligations. Hunter recently moved from California to Seattle to pursue his career in music production. He is currently working on his own album and plans to have his rough edit complete by the end of the year. This is a funny and heartwarming interview between two people that love each other.


Episode 24:

Seattlenaut Vol II - The Existential Dread In Life - Plowline Podcast

In this episode of Seattlenaut, I discuss the weight of life that is inherently felt by all human beings. I recount the great wound of my own life in my parents’ divorce at an early age, my journey to work towards healing through counseling and self-reflection, and my struggles with coping mechanisms. I work to encourage the listener to find the narrow path towards self-development and healing. You can do this! Have a listen and let's go ~


Episode 23:

The Five Stages of Decolonization - Plowline Podcast

Gerry & Jeremy dive into the dissertation work that Gerry has finally completed and discuss Th 5 Stages of Decolonization. Jeremy illuminates the need for everyone on the planet to do this work to move humanity towards personal and collective liberation. Gerry describes how difficult this work can be and the need for Gracious Anger™ to be an informing part as she moves through her personal decolonization.


Episode 22:

Seattlenaut Vol I - Plowline Podcast

This is an experience in storytelling. This is the Seattlenaut Episodes. I will be telling the story of mine and Gerry’s experience in life together. We both believe that life has a greater purpose than the humdrum monotony of getting up, going to a J.O.B. and living our lives out as consumers. It's a trap. How do we escape? Together. Tune In.

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