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Our specialist will guide your organization in developing a respectful land acknowledgment that honors the traditional stewards of your area.

To guide the learning of creating a meaningful land acknowledgment, we will utilize Poka Laenui's Five Phases of Decolonization:

1) Rediscover and Recover

2) Mourning

3) Dreaming

4) Commitment

5) Action


To honor the requests of Indigenous peoples for organizations to understand the longstanding history that has brought you to occupy the land in which your organization stands. In this 4-hour customized training session, we will dive into the history of colonization and our place within that history. Empathy is integral to societal and community functioning. With this ability, we are significantly more likely to take action to help others. Therefore, we will engage in the stories of pre-colonial contact and the impact of colonization delivered by local tribal members. We'll end our time together with a working draft of the organization's land acknowledgment.


An example of our Land Acknowledgment process can be seen in this VIDEO.

Please read this article below to understand the importance of an Indigenous Land Acknowledgment.

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