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Communication is vital to our teams, business, and organizational health. What is misunderstood about communication is the tools to effectively communicate with others, especially when the topic is sensitive or complex. If we're not careful, these types of conversations can quickly descend into disagreements, leaving all parties feeling defensive and unheard.

Most people understand that Aloha is a simple Hawaiian greeting or expression. Dr. Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell created the framework of A.L.O.H.A to provide an Indigenous framework for helping people engage in difficult conversations with grace, empathy, responsibility, and accountability.

Through Dr. G's research into the ancient root of the word, Aloha, she revealed a much deeper meaning. "Alo" forward facing and "Hā" - Breath of Life, which translates to sharing the breath of life through dialogue. As part of her dissertation to co-create cohesive communities, Dr. G created the guiding principles of A.L.O.H.A to share these tools for effective communication: Ask, Listen, Observe, Heart-Centered, Adapt/Acknowledge.

In this 4-hour customized professional development program, Dr. Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell will guide the participants through a structured approach to having effective conversations utilizing A.L.O.H.A.

Participants will learn how to ask powerful questions, listen deeply, and deliver and receive feedback while exploring communication strategies that build trust and understanding between people. Attendees will leave this workshop with greater confidence in their ability to navigate challenging conversations, allowing them to create stronger work relationships and healthier team dynamics.

- Learn about yourself and the world around you

- Improve your relationship with others

- Foster a sense of community and togetherness.

- Develop personal maturity.

- Avoid cognitive dissonance.

Please read the article below for a deeper understanding of the Evolution of AloHā.

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