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Virtual Workshops

Healing the Colonized Mind

A three-session (4 hour each) educational and inspirational workshop designed to equip leaders and participants in engaging in personal resilience and decolonization. It is based on the understanding that in order to heal, we first acknowledge the ways colonialism and the constructs of race have impacted our thinking, being, and ways of doing. Objective is to provide participants with the tools to recognize the impact of personal colonization, connect to their power and resilience, and begin decolonizing and healing. *Scholarships are available.

Price: $1250.00

Whole Systems Leadership

As we enter the 21st century, it is evident that we must incorporate renewed and relevant methods for making meaning of our world. The Whole Systems Leadership program is a three-session (4 hour each session) which provides the wisdom and tools to help you and your organization learn to flow with the rapid change around us with resilience and balance. Rather than seeing a problem with chaos emerges, you become equipped to proactively interact with feedback loops, cultivate coherence, and implement personal responsibility. You learn a compelling lesson: How you interact with the world begins with how you perceive it.


When we understand how systems work, we can observe their ebb & flow, learn to intercede, and create a better organization. Learning to apply Whole Systems Design allows organizations to evolve beyond their current practices, develop values for collective healing, and form habits for personal liberation. This training aims to increase awareness of individuals within the organization and their connection to the whole, provide insight into how to intervene within systems and guide participants towards organizational growth through personal development. *Scholarships are available

Price: $1250.00


The Evolution of AloHā- An Indigenous Path to Personal Reflection

Minimum 2 hours


The Evolution of AloHā is an Indigenous practice that helps us intentionalize our thoughts, words, and deeds without causing additional harm. It honors the energy (mana) and life found in aloha — compassion — and helps us focus on addressing the concerns at hand. 


The guiding principles found in the acronymic tool of A.L.O.H.A is intended to navigate triggering conversations, examine our own bias, and provide a foundation for personal growth. 

HM-Cert Trainer-v2-Stacked.png

The Resilience Advantage™

Minimum 3 hours


Based on more than 20 years of HeartMath’s published, peer-reviewed research on the science of resilience, The Resilience Advantage program provides a powerful skill set and engaging technology to prepare individuals to thrive in a world of flux, challenge and opportunity. 


Whole systems Leadership.PNG

Whole Systems Leadership

Minimum 12 hours

Integrate a working and practical understanding of Whole Systems Design within organizations. The principles of systems thinking and design such as emergence, feedback, and resilience give leadership and staff a method for processing and understanding the relevant times we live in and their place within them. This professional service aims to increase awareness of individuals in the organization and their connection to the whole, provide insight into how to intervene within systems, and guide participants towards organizational growth through personal development.   




Organizational Equity Through Personal Decolonization™

Minimum  16 hours

No one likes to deal with the past. There are so many questions that arise. What am I responsible for? How does this affect our present? Are we just adding fuel to the social fire?

These questions are worthy of exploration and so is our connection to past systems that have inevitable, current world consequences. It is impossible to fully move on as a society from the trauma of the past if we are not willing to examine it. However, this exploration must be an invitation of inclusion for everyone to participate.


This workshop will take you and your team on a journey of finding the systemic connections today to decisions and social constructs of the past. Together, we can learn to see, analyze and dismantle the paradigms that no longer serve us as teams, individuals and as a society. 

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