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Ethical management starts with a well-rounded, sensitive, and informed perspective. Our specialist courses are designed to strengthen the foundation of your business, helping you grow organically, reshape fragmented systems, and perceive the bigger picture. Vital to this process, we work together to open you up to new possibilities and ways of thinking, all with a focus on building healthy structures that benefit everyone.

Indigenous Land Acknowledgment

Many businesses across the US ask how to honor indigenous peoples. Curious leaders seek to understand their responsibility to the land and respect the Native American traditional practices. Simultaneously, organizations need tools to address the impact of colonization and find sustainable solutions in workplaces.


Our experts can help you navigate the nuances of negotiating a land acknowledgment: a formal statement recognizing the Indigenous peoples who occupied your land before the colonial world we inhabit today. This is a small but vital first step towards venerating those who were removed — often violently — from their land and ways of being. 


CO3 specialists help you acknowledge the relationship between Indigenous peoples and the land and recognize that the Indigenous people still exist and practice their cultures today. This public declaration is a way to start speaking out against genocide and cultural appropriation and foster a path of reconciliation between colonized minds and the Indigenous people of America.

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Professional Development

Healing the Colonized Mind
Course Length: 3x 4hr sessions

This workshop is designed to inspire, educate, and equip leaders and colleagues to engage with the process of decolonization and build personal resilience. Healing begins by first acknowledging the ways in which colonialism and the construct of race actively impact how we work, speak and think. Fostering a path forward grows organically from this journey. It requires your dedication to the process and your commitment to personal and cultural change.


This course provides an opportunity to deep-dive into what many of us have come to accept as ‘normal’ and subsequently offer ways in which we can react and resist these negative norms. The ultimate goal? Leaving you with a renewed mindset that allows you to make your business stronger, healthier, and more aware than ever.

Whole Systems Leadership
Course Length: 3x 4 hr sessions

Built by leaders for leaders, this course teaches you that how you interact with the world begins with how you perceive it. These sessions are packed full of wisdom, user-friendly tools, and system design starting points to equip you for the fast-paced, changing environment of the current economy. 


Learning how your organization’s systems work (and don’t work) is vital to streamlining your personal growth process, and that of your business. Strip things down to the bare bones while supporting the values of collective healing and ethical evolution. In this tailored short course, we teach you to rethink stale mindsets and open you up to rebuilding your organization strongly, sensitively, and effectively. 


"I am so grateful for the time and energy Co3 Consulting committed to the work of social justice. I'm even more grateful for your willingness to share your time and heart with me and my colleagues."

Dawna Haynes

Ph.D./Dean of Student Services