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Our core team consists of notable leaders in the field of psychology, transformation, systemic design, and consciousness practices. With over 30 years of experience in consulting and teaching professionals as well as writing and hosting a prominent Podcast, we’re here to give your communication a boost through a fresh perspective.


Where we really stand out is blending the wisdom of tradition with the practicality of modern social science. We can inspire and teach you and your team to facilitate growth, expand your understanding, and make lasting change. Are you ready?

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About Us


We’re CO3: a specialist business strategy consultant offering one-on-ones, courses, and community business services since 2011. We think systemically and inspire fellow business leaders to do the same.


Our specialty is breaking down what you know, acknowledging errors of the past, and preventing those same miscalculations in the future. Through a carefully considered process of recognition, radical reframing, and wisdom-inspired growth, we will work together to bring your business to the forefront of positive change and into the 21st Century.

Our Clients

We work with CEOs, team leaders, HR managers, and organizations all over the US. As instigators of change, our work is not always comfortable or easy, but with a little dedication, positive impacts can be seen instantly and have a systemic effect throughout your organization. Take a look below at some of the clients we’ve helped through our workshops and business management courses.

Sara E. Keene

Ph.D., Sociology Department Green River College


Gerry and Jeremy’s Healing the Colonized Mind: Path to Personal Decolonization is extraordinary and unlike any other program I have experienced. They begin with a reframing of indigeneity that asks all participants to reach back into their ancestral knowledge, traditions, and practices as a basis for decolonial thoughts and actions. There is something for everyone here. 


For people of color, it is a celebration of the cultural customs and ways of life that have allowed their ancestors to flourish for millennia. For white people, this entails exploring their pre-colonial European identities so that they may develop an ethnic identity that neither relies on cultural appropriation nor reproduces colonial values and practices. This collective work of personal decolonization is the starting point for advancing racial justice, as it allows all participants to imagine a future that acknowledges the ravages and inequities that colonization, slavery, and capitalism have wrought on society while at the same time works to create a completely different set of social relations premised on justice, respect, and a profound care for all forms of life (human and non-human alike). 


Through self-reflection, storytelling, and ALOHA (a framework Gerry developed through her doctoral research), Gerry and Jeremy equip you with the tools necessary for personal and social transformation. For anyone who wants to do racial justice work thoughtfully and effectively, I highly recommend beginning with “Healing the Colonized Mind”.

Caryn Mathes

President and General Manager, KUOW


The depth of the gratitude that I hold for you, I can hardly express! Thank you SO much for adapting to “meet KUOW where we are” in the Whole Systems Leadership training.


Every breakout room I was put in yesterday had more than one participant saying “Ohhh, now I’m getting how this applies!” I ended up in rooms with some of the prior harshest critics (I know because they revealed themselves) – and they all felt so much better and were so much more engaged with the material.


Kudos to you for reading your audience. I think we had some real breakthroughs of understanding and you’ve transformed us.


Human Resources, Snohomish County


The “Healing the Colonized Mind: Path to Personal Decolonization” workshop that Jeremy and Gerry provided truly teaches you and encourages others to be engaged in a mindfulness way. It also reminded me how concepts and histories of mythical norms are playing out, especially when trying to figure out my place in society as a woman of color. 



Human Resources, Snohomish County


The presenters (Gerry and Jeremy) were engaging and interesting, which is hard to do for 6 hours! I absolutely loved this training. Not only did I really enjoy the professional development they provided, but it made me do a deep dive into my inner thoughts. I love Gerry’s framework of A.L.O.H.A. and will use it. Also, they are a charming couple!

Meet the Consultants

Dr. Gerry Ebalaroza-Tunnell

Principal Consultant/President


The Founder, Principal Consultant, and President of Co3 Consulting, Dr. G identifies as a Pacific indigenous scholar, a transformative leader, and a facilitator and designer of change. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, now residing in Bothell, WA, she has learned how to thrive in two worlds: Indigenous being and Westernized thought. She is the host of the Evolution of AloHā Podcast, gathering a mix of stories of social change from women around the world.



Dr. G earned her doctorate from the Department of Transformative Studies and Consciousness at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She received her Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University, Seattle after a Social Science major with an emphasis in Psychology and Anthropology from Washington State University. 


Gerry's writings can be found at

jeremy headshot.jpg
Jeremy Tunnell, MA

Lead Consultant/Vice President


Lead consultant and facilitator for Co3, Jeremy identifies as a student of indigenous ways of being and a person of European decent. His ongoing work to interrogate and dismantle whiteness is a consistent lesson in humble listening and heart-felt personal inquiry. Jeremy specializes in identifying and dismantling colonized social processes, resilience conditioning, and guided worldview evolution. As the co-host of the Plowline Podcast, he works with industry leaders discussing fundamental subjects such as Diversity + Equity + Inclusion & Belonging, the Colonized Mind, Unified Field Physics, and human consciousness.



Jeremy graduated from Western Washington University with a bachelor’s in Creative Writing and a Master’s in Whole Systems Design from Antioch University in Seattle. The Whole Systems Design program provides a fresh perspective on organizational and social structures, through a lens of interconnectedness.  


Jeremy's writing can be found at 



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