Smartphone and social media have created a new world that is moving so fast it is often difficult to take inventory of the dynamic changes that have taken place in the past decade. These social platforms have yielded new perspectives on old conversations in our civic spaces: Race, Equity & Inclusion become the touchstones for these conversations.


It hasn’t made these conversations any easier to navigate but it has certainly kept them in the forefront of our social narrative; from the #metoo movement to #blacklivesmatter to #makeamericagreatagain. These memes, keywords, and topics dominate the stream of our current social interaction. They make up the fabric that we are currently weaving within our dialogues in our government, educational institutions, corporate structure, religious narratives, and social constructs.


Put simply: Navigating these conversations within the structure of these social structures is more difficult than ever. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a different definition of the words we are using to describe these movements.


Co3 Consulting is a premier consulting company working with organizations to guide, unpack and navigate the conversations of Race, Equity & Inclusion. Co3 takes a unique methodology to assist your organization in coming to a better understanding of these topics and how to integrate these changes in your organization through coursework and programs like The Power of A.L.O.H.A. and Resilience Advantage: Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

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Why Choose Us?

Adding programs which focus on issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging has the propensity to create safer spaces and address cultural competency and humility of staff and employees.


Although, this can be a good start in attending to social challenges; to have a more significant impact on organizational transformation it is essential for organizations to select facilitators who can see the whole picture and assist with connecting company initiatives to the structures and systems that drive a cohesive culture.

Through the collaborative partnership with other Designers of Change and company leaders, Co3 Consulting can collectively create transformative methods and progressive experience by developing solutions and implementing strategies by weaving the context of equity, diversity and inclusion practices into the tapestry of the organization.


Our ideal customer is organizations who are wanting to build a culture of trust, diversity, inclusion, and equity, which in turn develops a foundation of belonging.


Establishing such a framework for any organization can allow for the best out of each employee to show up through the doors every day.


The outcome: A cohesive and highly productive environment.